Friday, January 30, 2015

Study group experience #2

Here's what we discussed so far:

I must say, the group is much more fun than the limited "Study group discussions" I post on the blog.

The discussions on the topics are diverse, surprising and very interesting. We also did a lot of non study related random discussions on our respective countries, languages, DIY medical gifts and shadowing. Even though the group is active day and night because of the time zone difference, the messages don't feel like they're a drag in anyway. Almost everyone seems to love the idea and what we talk about. Group 1, you guys are absolutely amazing. The hard work involved in putting together the group was totally worth it! <3 p="">

Two or three members felt the discussions should be very limited to studies, science and entrance examination stuff. We made a separate mini group for that.  Personally, I think that we are humans and we tend to socialize and talk random wherever we go. It's hard to have a clear boundary for what should be discussed and what not. But anyway, the mini group option will be open for future group joiners!

Lastly, the Group 2 update: We have 20 people so far, the minute the number reaches close to 50, your group will be made. Sorry for the wait! :)

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