Sunday, February 1, 2015

Study group experience #3

Here's what we discussed so far:

Eating disorders (A must read)
Ascites (USMLE oriented question) 
Diuretics (Very interesting stuff)
A lot of mini discussions happen here and there and I can't keep up. So everything is not published (Sorry!) but I have posted most of the important discussions (Yaay?)

Since there is a time zone difference, we have a lot of messages every morning. Some members (Including me) read like over 200 messages at once and reply to them together which is adorable!

We changed our original plan of making a separate group for every 50 members and added new people to the same group. The new comers fit in well, were excited and didn't feel like aliens to a new world (Sweet!)

People who found the main group giving too many notifications because of discussions were added to the mini group for strict study discussions. However, the mini group is very inactive (Probably because the participants are focused on the upcoming exam they have to study for!) I post stuff from the mini group to the main group so that no one misses out on anything!

A few people left without even having the courtesy of informing or letting me know why. It took a lot of work for me to organize this - Reply emails, verify identity, save numbers and then add on the group. I felt they should've at least left a message.

People at times ask me how many spots are left, I can't really answer that because some people leave and new people are always coming in. Send us your number though, we'll squeeze you in like we did for the extra 30 people! :)


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