Sunday, February 1, 2015

Renal tubular acidosis types mnemonic

Hi everyone!

We were discussing RTA on our study group when we decided we needed a mnemonic for it!

So I made one, but let's clear the basics first :)

Type 1 RTA: Failure of hydrogen ion (H+) secretion.
Type 2 RTA: Decrease in absorption of bicarbonate (HCO3-).
Type 3 RTA: The mix of type 1 RTA and type 2 RTA.
Type 4 RTA: Aldosterone deficiency.

Type one, one letter (H+), one comes before two and D comes before P (So distal tubule!)

Type two, two more letters (H and CO3-), two comes after one and P comes after D (So proximal tubule!)

(Alternatively, you can remember DP or display picture. Also bicarbonate has a Bi for two!)

Now, type three. It's two plus one.

4 looks like an A, so aldosterone (Hypoaldosteronism) and A for ammonium excretion which is affected.
NH4+ has a four too reminding you it's type four!
That's all!

Type 2 RTA mnemonic submitted by Unknown on Aug 6th, 2018:
BI - type 2
BYE BYE - lost



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