Saturday, February 28, 2015

Study group discussion: Beta blockers

Give me two reasons don't give beta blockers to diabetics.

They mask the hypoglycemic symptoms

First reason correct.

Hint - It is something to do with the liver and beta 2 receptors.

Glycogenolysis decrease.

Yup..The beta 2 receptors stimulate the glycogen breakdown and glycogenolysis.

So if you give a nonselective beta blocker.. Not only will the patient not feel the coming signs of hypoglycemia but also the liver will fail to release glucose in the blood.

Side effects of beta blockers?

Breathlessness is due to bronchoconstriction
Rise in lipid level

Why won't you prescribe a beta blocker to a young man?

Sexual distress? Not sure!

Sexual dysfunction..Correct!

Vivid dreams and insomnia, and sexual dysfunction is due to beta blockers central action on the brain. They cross the blood brain barrier.

In which type of arrhythmias are beta blockers especially indicated?
The ones atrial in origin.

In which type of arrhythmia beta blockers are contraindicated?

Heart blocks.

Why so?

Cause they reduce the heart rate further.. A side effect of beta blockers is to decrease AV nodal conduction and precipitate asystole. In other words, they increase the refractory period of AV nodal cells.


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