Thursday, February 5, 2015

Study group discussion: Cardiac mortality in diabetes mellitus reduction due to aspirin

If a patient has diabetes..Which drug would you prescribe to reduce the chances of mortality due to heart diseases?

Metformin? Or pioglitazone?
Nope nope.

It's aspirin.

What? Aspirin is not an anti diabetic drug, is it? You prescribe aspirin in general to lower mortality. What's so special about diabetes?

I am yet to find out why.. I would love it if someone out here knows why.

About the use of aspirin in diabetes.... I read a paragraph online... Here's what it said:
It is found that there is excess release of thromboxane in type 2 diabetes patients... Hence the use of aspirin (TXA inhibitor)


It never ceases to surprise you. Medicine.


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