Thursday, February 12, 2015

Study group discussion: Colored side effects

Which drug causes Red Man syndrome? Why?


The antibiotic causes histamine release - which causes flushing.

Which drug causes Grey baby syndrome? Why?


Due to a lack of glucuronidation reactions occurring in the baby, thus leading to an accumulation of toxic chloramphenicol metabolites. The UDP-glucuronyl transferase enzyme system of infants, especially premature infants, is immature and incapable of metabolizing the excessive drug load.

Which drug causes Blue man syndrome? Why?


Amiodarone is anti-arrhythmic drug which contains iodine, it's because of that the iodine accumulated in the skin gives the blue color.

Which drug causes blue halo effect?


Which substance makes us look yellow? (It is something which you eat. It is a differential diagnosis for jaundice.)

Excess carotene... Especially, from carrots. But the sclera is spared.. So thats how you know its not jaundice.

Orange urine and tears? Side effect of?


Which drug cause blue urine?

Methylene blue.


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