Monday, February 16, 2015

Study group discussion: Gate control theory of pain

Just had my first class of pain physiology. I loved it!

What was the most interesting thing that you learnt in class?

Melzack and Wall's theory. About the gate control of pain. I had to google the english term lol.

Aw that's so nice of you. It's an interesting concept. Why soldiers don't feel pain when they are injured in battle.. But feel it in the hospital.

What is it called in Brazilian? (I donno what language you'll speak)

Portuguese. In portuguese, it's 'teoria das comportas'

I feel better now for not recognising "Melzack and wall's theory" but I do remember learning teoria das comportas!  hahahaha I have to Google the translation all the time too.

Must be because of increase in Endorphins and adrenaline?

Not exactly. You should read more about it!

The brain determines which stimuli are profitable to ignore over time. Thus, the brain controls the perception of pain quite directly, and can be "trained" to turn off forms of pain that are not "useful". This understanding led Melzack to assert that pain is in the brain.

Awesome stuff!

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