Friday, February 27, 2015

Study group discussion: Hernia

What is Richter's, Littres, pantaloon hernia?

Ritchers is the one when part of circumference of intestine is involved, right?


How do you remember this? Any mnemonic?

You can remember richters hernia as it has C-part of Circumference of bowel.

Pantaloon is when there is indirect plus direct hernia so two sacs are there.

In Littres, I think the meckels diverticulum is a part of the sac.

Which is the commonest type of hernia in females?

Inscional hernia is commonest in females.

Aren't femoral common in females?

The most common in females in indirect inguinal. But I guess you want to ask about femoral. Femoral hernia are overall commonest in females. But they are not the most common type in females.

Because of wider pelvis.

Thanks! Got it.

Some days back I had asked about the name of hernia that includes appendix.
Finally, got its name :D
It's amyand hernia,

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