Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Study group discussion: High output cardiac failure and beri beri

Name some hyperdynamic states

Fever, anemia
Paget disease

Infections are hyperdynamic cause they cause fever.
Hahaha true

What about any valvular heart disease?
Aortic regurgitation

AV malformation


Why beri beri is a high CO state which  leads to heart failure?
I don't know but is it due to Beri beri due to B1 deficiency?

For carbohydrate metabolism, B1 is required so for fulfilling body energy demands body has to burn other fuels fats and protein. They are limited and generate less energy so body need more cycles/min with more CO to wash out the products of metabolism to maintain metabolism. If condition not treated the heart gets hypertrophied and will eventually fail.

Yes. Beri beri leads to increased metabolic demand and increased need for blood flow causing high output cardiac failure.

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