Friday, February 27, 2015

Study group discussion: Ligamentum venosum and ligamentum arteriosum

Can someone explain the formation of ligamentum venosum to me? I read up on it and re-listened to the lecture but I feel like I'm confusing myself :(

The formation or why it's there?

The origin.. As in what it is a remnant of and how?

It's the remnant of the ductus venosum which shunts blood away from the developing liver to go directly into the inferior vena cava. Since the developing liver doesn't need a huge amount of blood supply.

Oh...That makes sense.

Yup. So the umbilical veins brings nutrients and oxygen from the placenta, so we need to bypass the liver via the ductus venosus. Then when we are back in the Right ventricle, we don't need much blood into the lungs so we shunt it into the main circulation via ductus arteriosus.

Which later turns into ligamentum arteriosum! :D
Now everything is in place! Thank you so much!

No problem :)

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