Monday, February 16, 2015

Study group discussion: Mechanism of hypercoagulability in obesity and smoking

How does smoking and obesity promote hypercoagulability?

Smoking increases reactive oxygen species. ROS reacts with LDLs causing increasing oxidized LDL, when deposited in intima becomes atherosclerotic plaques. Also ROS causes endothelial damage itself, increasing its permability to LDL.
Atherosclerotic plaques can rupture, exposing tissue factor. Or the plaque itself causes turbulent blood flow, increasing chance of thrombosis.

Nicotine causes vasculitis and thus causes turbulence of bood flow!

And obesity?

The various mechanisms by which obesity may cause thrombosis include: the actions of so-called adipocytokines from adipose tissue, e.g. leptin and adiponectin; increased activity of the coagulation cascade and decreased activity of the fibrinolytic cascade; increased inflammation; increased oxidative stress and endothelial dysfunction; and disturbances of lipids and glucose tolerance in association with the metabolic syndrome.
Source: Obesity and Thrombosis — ScienceDirect -

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