Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Study group discussion: Microcytic and Sideroblastic anemia

Do we have any specific topic for discussion today?

You can start one!


Just on nights..we hold a review question session. Those are based on specific topics.

As in Asian nights. Time zone differences everywhere!


Alright! Anemia!

Name the hypochromic mycrocytic anemia.

Iron deficiency anemia!
Alpha thalssemia
Anemia of chronic disease
Sideroblastic anemia

Not beta thalessemia? Isn't it all thalassemias?
Beta thalassemia too
So yes! Thalassemias in general.

Lead poisoning

Chronic diseases such as...Renal failure, TB, etc.

There is the SITA mnemonic for the question we just answered

Remember hypochromic mycrocytic anemia as SITAL.

What's the L for?

Lead poisoning.

Oh.. We consider it in Sideroblastic anemia!

It's different.

Is it?

In Sideroblastic anemia there is defective formation of heme due to a genetic or even a drug induced cause. The RBC blast cells contain stippling. But in cases of lead poisoning..The cause is restricted to only lead.. Which causes a similar picture.

The same happens due to alcoholism and lead poisoning, right?

The heme formation is defective because lead inhibits an enzyme required in heme synthesis.

So why shouldn't lead poisoning be considered a type of Sideroblastic anemia?

Cause the cause is different and cause they like to confuse us -_-


I got this table on classification of Sideroblastic anemia. It all comes under the same roof.

*can not post the table due to copyright issues on the blog, but it showed congenital and acquired Sideroblastic anemias*


Which anemia does an antitubercular drug cause?

Pyridoxine! Sideroblastic anemia, again.

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