Friday, February 6, 2015

Study group discussion: Monospot test for EBV infection

Anyone explain Monospot test please!

Heterophile antibodies in the blood?

I was just reading this. The test works with the agglutination of  horse's RBC when in contact with heterophile antibodies.

Yes.. Used in detection of these antibodies in infectious mononucleosis.

When you have infectious mononucleosis you produce antibodies anti-epstein barr virus and other unspecific antibodies which are called heterophile antibodies.

Aren't anti sheep antibodies produced in monospot test ?
I mean Heterophile anti sheep red cell antibodies?

That would be Paul Bunnel test.

But infected B cells secrete anti sheep red cell antibodies that are diagnosed for mononucleosis. .

I think the only difference between monospot and paul bunnel test is the origin of the RBC. In monospot they come from horses and on Paul Bunnell, from sheeps.

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