Friday, February 20, 2015

Study group discussion: Newer vaccines

Can anyone explain what newer vaccines mean? And which vaccines are included in this?

I think HPV is a newer vaccine.
The flu, hepatitis, rotavirus, pneumococcal & meningococcal are newer vaccines too... But this is in general stuff.
If you're looking for a definition, I don't know about that :/

Oh wait - I found a good link to newer vaccines.

These are 4 new vaccines added to the universal immunization programme (UIP) in India.
They are - Rotavirus, JE, injectable polio and rubella.

And here's more to it - If you're studying PSM in India :P

Vaccines against rotavirus, rubella and polio (injectable) will help the country meet its Millennium Development Goals 4 targets that include reducing child mortality by two-thirds by 2015, besides meeting meet global polio eradication targets. An adult vaccine against Japanese encephalitis will also be introduced in districts with high levels of the disease.

Okey. I was not sure if they were newly added or newly developed, that's why asked.

I think newly added - they had been developed long before, I suppose.

Yap same in our settings..They added rubella. And HPV for young females (Tanzania)

(India) What is the program called in your country, like is it UIP there too?

(Tanzania) Yap we use EPI.. Extended programme for immunization.

(India) We have that here too.. There's national, extended and universal.

(India) EPI was for six vaccine preventable diseases... Then it was updated to UIP with vaccination of mother with TT and vaccine spectrum for child was also extended. The one we use now is infact the UIP.

Nice. I didn't know the difference.

P.S. Thanks IkaN!

They give tetanus toxoid to preg mothers!?


At first visit and I think two months later.

It's actually a viva question - When does immunization of the baby begin? The answer is in utero because tetanus given to the mum helps the baby before it's born.

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