Sunday, February 1, 2015

Study group discussion: Physiology books

Which is the best physiology book? I find Guyton to be really dull and Rhoades lacks details.

Ganong is okay, I guess.

Ganong has always been my first love.

I usually go for Ganong, but Costanza and Berne-Levy are also pretty good.

Costanza is not as detailed though, it's good for refreshing your memory the week before exams.

Yep. BRS is good for last minute revision!

Which are the simpler books for physiology? I know of Ganong.

Which was the other one?


Guyton is too extensive.
I read Guyton only in 1st year.
Good for clearing basics.

Yes, I find Guyton better than other physiology books.

Try BRS physiology.. It's little and has everything you need to know. Like it's smaller than Ganong.

Smaller the better!

I think it's 100 -  200 pages.

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