Sunday, February 22, 2015

Study group discussion: Radiological findings in meningioma

A 36-years-old female has been complaining of recurrent headaches since four months. On examination, she has papilledema. MRI of brain showed an extra-axial, dural based and enhancing lesion in frontoparietal region with positive ‘dural tail’ sign. Diagnosis?

The dural tail sign occurs as a result of thickening of the dura. It's meningioma..

Other sign associated with meningioma is the mother in law sign..

The mother in law sign is perhaps uncharitably (depends on the mother in law I suppose) used to describe lesions that enhance early during the arterial phase and remain opacified well after the venous phase. The joke is that a mother in law comes early and stays late.

It is most frequently equated with the angiographic appearance of a meningioma.

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