Monday, February 16, 2015

Study group discussion: Sickle cell anemia

Name the three crisis of sickle cell anaemia.

Aplastic crisis
Vaso-occlusive crisis
Sequestration crisis

What causes aplastic crisis?
Parvovirus B19

*doubt discussion*
In sickle cell anemia what analgesic do we use? I've heard that morphine can cause vasoconstriction and that would make it worse, but I'm not sure that's true.

Yup, opiates are used.

One cause of death in sickle cell anemia is acute chest syndrome, if I give the patient morphine (that has a secondary coronary vasoconstrictor effect) that will kill the patient.


Acute chest syndrome is due to occlusion of the pulmonary vessels.

The major issue hear is to given oxygen to the patient..Cause hypoxia aggravates the whole situation.

So I'm not supposed to worry about Myocardial Infarction?

Not that I've heard of.

Doesn't it cause CHF?

"The acute chest syndrome may mimic CHF however it is uncommon." Says the internet.

New drug for SCA. Read in Harrison. Azacytidine.

Mechanism of action of azacytidine?

Azacytidine increases HbF production and reduces anemia in sickle cell disease.

There's a drug which blocks gardos channel in RBC membrane. It's under trials too. It's the one I was talking about.

The mechanism is interesting because it prevents dehydration of the RBC.. That's the cause of sickling.

I like the sound of it - Gardos channel.

It's a potassium channel!

A greek god!

Me too.. It guards the RBC!

Gargoyle ..thats what my mind said.

Haha. They were guardians too!

Another interesting thing.. An anti fungal we use also blocks this channel in vitro!

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