Saturday, February 21, 2015

Study group discussion: Some virology review questions

Hey everyone! I have a major virology exam coming up, would you like to go over some review questions with me? :)


Great! I'll start:


Heterophile antibodies are positive in which viral infection?

These are multiple choice questions, shall I write the choices?

No, write them only when we can't guess it.

Ok :)



Which test is positive and is used to diagnose when there is an EBV infection?

Infectious mononucleosis.. Presence of human anti sheep antibodies, I think.

Yes! The test has a specific name though, anyone know it?

Umm.. Monospot test?

Coombs test ??

Neither of those

Would you like the choices?


Paul-Bunnel Test
Coombs Test
Indirect IFA
Western Blot

Paul Bunnell! I forgot that.. Thanks!
Ok, ready for a new question?


Which test is used to determine the specific genotype of HPV?
Another question would be, what is the first test you used to check for the existence of an HPV infection?

First test is Pap smear. Correct!

We'll need choices for the genotype - I'm guessing PCR though.

Ok here are the choices:
Consensus PCR
Line Probe Assay
Western Blot
Pap Smear
Latex aglutination

Consensus PCR?

No, I initially thought that too.

I'd say the line probe.

It is LiPA!

Why is that?

It uses the reverse hybridization to id specific  hpv genotypes by detection of specific sequences in the l1 region of the HPV genome.

It is more specific than the PCR

I see.

While we're on the topic of HPV, what are the high risk genotypes? And the most common low risk genotypes?

High risk: 16, 18
Low risk: 4, 6, 11

16 and 18 is usually used in the vaccine as well!

This changes a lot from place to place though, my medical faculty is working on developing a vaccine specially for this area/country

Oh that's great.. I didn't know that thanks.

:) no problem!

You guys want some more questions?


What is the main cause of non-bacterial gastroenteritis epidemics?


That is one the choices here, but it's actually not that

Ooh. It's the main cause in India!



Rotavirus usually infects infants and younger children, if I'm not mistaken.

Yup. So it's something else in adults?

Adults aren't really effected, the one we're looking for can infect people from different ages.

It's actually Norovirus!

It is the leading cause of viral gastroenteritis in the world!

Never heard of it :O
Is it the same as Norwalk virus?

Yes! Norwalk virus is a species of this genus. It's responsible for almost 90% of viral gastroenteritis epidemics globally!

Woah. That's a lot.

Norovirus happens in outbreaks, and stays infectious for a long time on surfaces yes?

Yes, exactly.

It's a calcivirus!

Family : Calcivirus, Genus: Norovirus :)

I'm going to have to leave soon, would you like 1 or 2 more questions?


Which one of the viruses listed below, has a non-segmented genome?




Review question: Does anyone know the clinical significance of the segmented genome?

A segmented genome has evolutionary advantages! Like, reassortment!

Allows reassortment and thus new viral strains in mixing vessels. Eg avian influenza.

What is the cause of Roseola?

Human herpes virus 6 or 7



One last question before I leave for now? :)

Yep yep yep

What is the most common cause of bronchiolitis in newborns?

Oh oh I know this.


Respiratory synctitial virus.

Correct :)

That was good, thanks!

I love random review question sessions!

Do it more often!

I have to go now, my friends are coming over to study! This was great, talk to you soon!

I have hundreds of review questions for my exam! Great! Looking forward to it.

This review question session was held by Fidan :) Thanks!

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