Saturday, February 28, 2015

Study group discussion: Side effects of thiazides

What are the side effects of thiazide diuretics?

4 hypo, 4 hyper:


Hyper GLUC:

You should also remember NO hearing loss with thiazides (:

Which drug shouldn't be combined with thiazides?

Digoxin. Why?

Loss of potassium potentiates the action of Digoxin since it binds to the sodium potassium pump.

Which arrhythmia does this predispose to?

Torsades de pointes. Why?

In hypokalemia, there is a decrease in the ventricular repolarisation phase, that is, phase 3 (when the potassium ions move out.)

This leads to prolonged QT interval. Whenever there is prolonged QT interval, there is ventricular tachycardia and predisposition to Torsades.

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  1. Stepwise analytic explanation.Excellent and easy to learn/remember.


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