Friday, February 27, 2015

Study group discussiont: Acute lymphangitis

This patient presented with rapidly progressive left arm pain and erythema. Physical examination revealed a small blister on his left third finger, which had been injured during a lacrosse game, with surrounding warmth, tenderness, erythema, and linear streaking to the elbow. diagnosis?

*a picture of acute lymphangitis was posted in the group, I can not upload it here because of copyright purposes*

Is it a lymphangitis?

Yes! acute lymphangitis!

Nice! Any further details regarding lymphangitis?

About lymphangitis.. It's inflammation of the lymphatics.

The most common cause of lymphangitis is streptococcal infection. The shape of the lesion is very caracteristic since it follows the lymphatic vessel path.

Thanks for the further information!

Or a sporothrix infection. Though the history doesn't suggest anything like it.

What history should the guy have to suggest a sporothrix infection?

The fungus can enter the skin through small cuts or punctures from thorns, barbs, pine needles, or wires. In rare cases, inhalation of the fungus can cause pulmonary infection.

Correct! Rose gardeners especially.

Thank you, IkaN, you are the best!

Haha. It's okay.

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