Wednesday, March 18, 2015

About me!

Hello there awesomites! Feels great to write this for Medicowesome :-)

Where to start? Well, I am a total  astrophysics geek. Anything -spacetime,dark energy, black holes, wormholes catches my fancy.That type of guy who loves staring at the starry sky. Just finds amazing how the tiny word 'universe' encompasses the massive expanse lying out there. Loves going to the point where physics meets philosophy.

Likes looking into nothing, thinking and imagining.

House MD fan. Sherlocked.
Christopher Nolan worshipper. Interstellar fanatic.

I have a thing for rare, fancy medical syndromes! Dreams include running a diagnostics department like House. :-p

Talking of music,a Linkin Park fan, like the regular Bollywood music too.

Proud of India and its rich heritage.

Hobbies include driving cars, riding bikes and even bicycling. Gaming included.

Finally, an animal lover,dreamer and a bit of foodie..


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