Monday, March 16, 2015

More information on study group

Here is some more information, since people have been asking!

How do I join?

Can I view the group discussions without being on the group?
Yes! View the Study group index. All topics discussed may or may not be posted on the blog, do to time limitation, of course.

What will be asked to me in the verification mail?
What do I call you? (Real or pen name, whatever you like!)
What course do you study? (Only medical students allowed. No pharmacy or nursing students) 
Where do you study? (Country or Planet, depending on what you're comfortable sharing!)
The information will not be shared with anyone else. (It's just that I would love to know you and it also gives me pseudo-reassurance that I'm not adding a complete stranger! ^__^ )

If we're adding you to a group that has already been formed: It'll be polite if you introduce yourself. New comers have missed out on the warm introductory chat we had at the beginning, but don't worry, you'll get to know everyone else eventually.
I encourage new awesomites to start discussing something as soon as they are added so that they get used to the group style and the already added awesomites.

What do I do in the group?
Now some people have a lot of questions about how things are done and others just hop in and know what to do! I'll just brief you with it -
You may:
- Share your experiences!
("I saw a case in the ward today..")
- Ask review questions to help reinforce concepts for exams.
("Which artery is affected in lateral medullary syndrome?")
- Clear your doubts about things you don't understand.
("I don't understand the difference between blood agar and chocolate agar..")
- Just tell a fact you learnt that fascinates you.
("Did you know the inferior gluteal nerve is called the selfish nerve?!")
-Passively read discussion. (Yes, we don't mind!)

Do I just randomly start talking about something?
Yes!  I particularly appreciate it when people introduce the topic they wanna talk about smoothly.
(If you just send a link people might not respond to it. If, however, you say - "I found this amazing article, it's about this and if you guys wanna know more about it I'll send you the link!" we will be interested.)

Difference between review questions and doubts: If you say you're asking a review question, it means you know the answer and you're asking if for revision and fun! We have review question sessions daily by someone or the other. It's like a virtual exam and honestly, holding a review session is as fun as answering questions. You can organize one too based on cool facts you've studied.
Doubt implies you are unsure of the answer. This help awesomites look up answers for you.

Group rules:
- Follow the basic etiquettes, be friendly to everyone! ^__^
- Do not advertise.
- Do not forward chain messages, poetry, jokes & quotes. It's a study group, it'll be appreciated if you keep it that way.
- You can do "Non-medical" talks to other members of the group through personal chat. Just make sure they don't mind :)

If I'm unavailable: Our other admins are Sakkan, Sushrut, Jay, Ved, Jas and a few others. You can trouble them in my absence :P

Reporting spam: If you find someone sending you dating messages or irritating you in any way, please contact the admin as soon as possible. We'll ban the member immediately.

Adding friends: We will be happy to add your study partners to the group on request. You just need to message the admin their contact (Name & number) and they'll be added without the long email verification process. This also ensures they'll be added to the same group as yours. I am totally pro "studying-with-your-friends." It's more fun!

Leaving group: Please let me know after leaving the group along with the reason. It gives feed back, allows me to delete your contact, preventing me from re-adding you again, by mistake.

Protecting privacy:
Change your display picture and Whatsapp name before we add you to the group if you feel uncomfortable sharing your details with strangers on the internet.

Random questions and experiences

#1 I feel I'm not knowledgeable enough for the group:
We encourage you join anyway, see how it is and leave if you feel like you're incompetent for the group.

#2 Too many forwards at once:
We do not like forwards - Be it questions, pictures or facts put together.
Do not forward multiple choice questions unless you have doubts or you think it will stimulate a conversation. There are already test series, other groups and books you can refer for doing question and answers.
Use the group to discuss, not just forward mindlessly.


This is express yourself space. Where you type create something beautiful! <3
Wondering what do I write? Well...
Tell us something you know better. You are a brilliant mind. Yes, you are! ^__^
Ask about something you don't understand @_@?
Compliment... Say something nice! =D
Be a good critic and correct us if something went wrong :|
Go ahead. Comment all you like here! (:

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