Monday, March 2, 2015

Study group discussion: Aspirin

Which is the classical triad of aspirin poisoning?

Idk the triad though... I just know some symptoms.

What are the symptoms?

The triad is hyperpyrexia, confusion and later death.

Death? :O

A very rare case.

Death is due to Respiratory collapse.

Fever? A drug used for pyrexia causes fever :D

Haha ironic, yes.

Pyrexia because of uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation.

Yep. The energy in ATP gets disseminated in the form heat.

What is the treatment of aspirin overdose?

No specific antidote.
Symptomatic.. Cooling.
Vit k - For petechiae.

Increasing urine pH.

Right on! Aspirin is a weak acid.. Hence you increase its ionization to reduce absorption.. By giving sodium bicarbonate!

Yes!! Alkaline diuresis it's called!

Aspirin you just manage patient. Give iv fluid, increase urine pH, dialysis.

Dose of aspirin for prevention of MI?
Dose of aspirin in ongoing MI?

For prevention it is 81-160
For ongoing.. It is 160-325
Moving on

Why salicylates are contraindicated in children?

Reyes syndrome. They result in increase in liver transaminases plus encephalopathy.

Especially, when used for kids with viral fever.

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