Monday, March 16, 2015

Study group discussion: Causes of edema

Today, we'll be talking about causes of edema.

Causes of Edema can be inflammatory and noninflammatory!

Noninflammatory causes:
1) Increased hydrostatic pressure
2) Hypoproteinaema
3) Lymphatic obstruction
4) Sodium retention

Inflammatory causes:
1) Acute inflammation
2) Chronic inflammation
3) Angiogenesis

Here is a mnemonic shared by an awesomite: HILARI IS SAVE (Hilary)
Heart failure
Liver causes
Aldosterone increased/ ADH increased
Renal cause
Inadequate protein in blood (hypoalbuminaemia)

Causes for the inadequate protein in blood are:
Intake Inadequate (Kwashiorkor)
Secretion fro pancreas decreased (pancreatitis)
Synthesis decreased (liver failure)
Absorption decreased (Crohn's disease)
Vomit (pyloric stenosis)
Excretion increased (nephrotic)

I remember this in Conrad Fischer's tone, "Cirrhotic, Nephrotic and CHF. Cirrhotic, Nephrotic and CHF!" though.

That's all!


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