Monday, March 2, 2015

Study group discussion: Cutaneous signs of insulin resistance and lipoproteinemia

These are skin tags. What do you think of when these are present?

Aren't these harmless with no associated risk?

Nope. They represent something! Ok! These are signs of insulin resistance!

What are other cutaneous signs of insulin resistance?

Acanthosis nigricans


One more.. Although that one is associated with hyperlipidemia too.


Yes!!! Xanthelesma.

Since we are on hyperlipidemia

So cutaneous signs of insulin resistance include:
Skin tags
Acanthosis Nigricans and

Mnemonic: SAX!

In which condition do you see orange tonsils?

Rifampicin intake?

Haha nope. It's related to the topic.. A high cholesterol condition!

Lol no idea then!

Tangier disease.. It's due to lack of cholesterol transporter gene. The disease is characterized by atherosclerosis, hepatosplenomegaly, polyneuropathy and orange tonsils.


Another review question.. Why is type 1 lipoproteinemia associated with pancreatitis?

Short of knowledge on this topic maybe someone else would answer it?

It's because chylomicrons obstruct the pancreatic duct.

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