Thursday, March 19, 2015

Study group discussion: Eponymous terms in hernia and mnemonics

Here's a list of eponymous hernia terms I was sent. I added a few mnemonics to where I could. Others you'll have to memorize!

Gibbon's hernia- Hernia with hydrocoele

Berger's hernia - Hernia in Pouch of Douglas
Mnemonic: Burgers are made of dough.

Grynfelt's hernia - Upper lumbar triangle hernia.

Petit's hernia - Lower lumbar triangle hernia

Cloquet's hernia- Hernia through pectineal fascia
Mnemonic: The hernia is cloaked, peccantly.

Narath's hernia - Behind femoral artery

Hesselbach's hernia - Lateral to femoral artery
Mnemonic: hesseLBAch - Lateral to big artery.

Serofini's hernia - Behind femoral vessels
Mnemonic: SeroFini - Supported by femoral vessels.

Laugier's hernia - Through lacunar ligament
L for Laugier's, L for Lacunar

Tealse's hernia - In front of femoral vessels

Richter's hernia - Part of circumference of bowel wall is gangrenous
Mnemonic: Richie rich has a large circumference pocket of money.
Alternatively, riChter Circumference.

Littre's hernia - Hernia with Meckels's Diverticulum
Mnemonic: Meckels is a congenital defect, found in Little babies.

Sliding hernia - Posterior wall of sac is formed by colon or bladder

Maydl's hernia - 'w' hernia
Mnemonic: M upside down is W.
Phantom hernia - Localised muscle buldge following muscular paralysis
Mnemonic: Phantom for Phantom, P for Paralysis

Spigelian hernia - Through spegelian fascia

Obturator hernia - Through obturator foramen

Femoral hernia - Hernia medial to femoral vein

Beclard's hernia - Femoral hernia through saphenous opening

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