Saturday, March 7, 2015

Study group discussion: Hepatic encephalopathy

In liver failure, what is the cause of hepatic encephalopathy?

They are not sure yet but they think it's ammonia.

Yes, NH3 and other substances.

They act as pseudotransmitters.

But how do ammonia levels rise?

Liver detoxifies ammonia by forming urea.. Failure to convert ammonia into urea.

Since liver is damaged.. Ammonia rises.

Does it occur on inhaling ammonia?

You mean, inhaling ammonia when liver is damaged or in normal people? Ammonia is an irritant to the 5th nerve, if I am not wrong. Why would anyone inhale it for a long time?

If by an accident?

Umm. I haven't heard of a situation like that

We inhale ammonia everytime we pass an unclean public toilet! :P



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