Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Study group discussion: Pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome

Anybody up for discussion on eclampsia? :D

What is cause of right upper quadrant Pain in HELLP syndrome?
Stretching of the liver capsule.

What's the earliest sign of pre-eclampsia?
It's excess weight gain.

Due to retention of water.

More than 1lb a week or more than 5lb a month.
Normal weight gain is 1lb / week or 4 lb per month more than that is abnormal.
Also in the 1st trimester there can be weight loss.

What is HELLP syndrome?
Elevated liver enzymes
Low platelets

HELLP is severe form of pre eclampsia. It usually occurs in 10% of pre eclampsia patients.


  1. warning signs in pre eclampsia?
    eye signs

    1. Headache, epigastric tenderness,oedema(If it doesn't subside during rest and higher than ankle),blurness of vision.giddiness, may have syncope attacks,urine output decreased.

    2. Oh thanks for sharing this. I didn't know.

      (Also, sorry I forgot to reply in 2015. Weird. I always reply even if I don't know!)


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