Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Study group discussion: Signs in acute appendicitis

Most commonly asked appendicitis signs

Aaron’s sign: A referred pain or feeling of distress in the epigastrium or precordial region, on continuous firm pressure over McBurney’s point, in acute appendicitis.

Dieulafoy’s triad: Tenderness, muscular contraction and skin hyperaesthesia at McBurney’s point in appendicitis.

Obturator sign: It refers to presence of hypogastric pain on stretching the obturator internus due to its irritation in the pelvis. This test is performed by passive internal rotation of the flexed rightthigh with the patient supine.

Bastedo’s sign : Pain and tenderness in the right iliac fossa on inflation of the colon with air, in cases of chronic appendicitis.

Psoas sign  : It is positive in retrocecal appendicitis. In this, irritation of the of the psoas muscle gives rise to pain when the patient’s right thigh is extended from the flexed position.

Rovsing’s sign  : Pain at McBurney’s point induced in cases of appendicitis, by pressure exerted over the descending colon

That's a good summary. Thanks!

Study link! Clinical features of acute appendicitis mnemonic

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