Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Study group discussion: Structures that pass through the diaphragm mnemonic

When we go to thorax or abdomen... It's hard to remember their relation... Are there any tips?

What sort of relation? The relation of structures that pass through the diaphragm?


Ok I know one mnemonic for that.

I ate (8) ten eggs at twelve.

I: Inferior vena cava
aTe: T8!
Eggs: Esophagus (Vagus rhymes with it!)
Ten: T10
AT: Azygous vein, Thoracic duct! Twelve: T12

So to summarize:
IVC - T8
Esophagus, vagus - T10
Azygous, thoracic duct - T12

Hope this helps!


  1. Haha I remember this Mnemonics way back in Freshie days! Nice to remember them ^_^ Thanks awesomely medicowesome!

  2. Another mnemonic is Voice Of America. 8,10,12.

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  4. Join me in what's app group
    My number is +919502191613


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