Saturday, March 7, 2015

Study group discussion: Venous ulcer

*a picture of an ulcer was posted on which this discussion took place in the group*

Which side is the lesion on? Medial or lateral?

If it is medial, it can be venous ulceration too! Mass obstructing the venous outflow.

Yup could be as it is superficial.. And also it could be venous ulcer because it looks like the ulcer is in gaiters area..above the medial malleolus..

What is gaiters area?

Gaiters area is where venous ulcers are usually seen. Above medial malleolus!

Where there is highest preasure in vein due to gravitational pull! And incompetent valve also in varicose vein

What's the name of the perforator in that area?

They are cockett boyd dodd and hunter from below upwards.

I have a mnemonic for the perforators

Do share!

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