Saturday, March 7, 2015

Study group experience #14

Cutaneous signs of insulin resistance and lipoproteinemia


Electrolyte abnormalities that cause constipation 

Biceps femoris reflex

Scissoring posture 

Morphine and atropine 
Drug for neurological manifestations of Wilson's disease 

ACE in lung diseases 
Central trachea in pleural effusion 
Walking pneumonia 

Aortic regurgitation 
Pressure and volume reservoir in the human body 
Cardiac embryology and fetal heart sounds 
Atrial septal defects - Why do they present late? 

Gallstone ileus
Hepatic encephalopathy 
Kartageners syndrome 
Haemosiderosis and haemochromatosis

Thyroid surgery practicals viva questions 
Venous ulcer 

Pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome 
Differentials of discharge in a pregnant woman 

Glycogen storage diseases mnemonic
Cytochrome c 
Agranular cytoplasmic reticulum
Colorful amino acids and pH

Difference between antibody and anti-toxin 

Lymph nodes in various diseases 

Chionablepsia and Anisakiasis

It's been a crazy busy week, especially with group 3 and all, I stay on my toes!



  1. ikan , Do you think you can keep up this Whatsapp group thing? Groups are increasing,discussions have to reply,add people,read emails,post discussions here.. I mean hows all this possible??.. ~your well wisher..

    1. I don't know. Trying to manage.
      Let's see! :D

      Thanks for the concern, sweetheart!


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