Thursday, April 23, 2015

Study group discussion: Differentials of wasting of small muscles of the hand

What are causes of wasting of small hand muscles?

The approach is to start with the spinal cord and move towards the muscles.

Spinal cord

Cervical spondylitis with compression of c8 root segment

Anterior horn

Motor neuron disease
Spinal muscular atrophy

Root lesion

C8 compression

Lower trunk brachial plexus

Thoracic outlet syndrome
Trauma, radiation, infiltration, inflammation

Peripheral nerve

Median and ulnar nerve lesion
Peripheral motor neuropathy


Distal myopathy
Dystrophia myotonica

Trophic disorder

Ischaemia including vasculitis
Shoulder hand syndrome

That's a long list!

You're right. The most important thing is to remember the categories and some of the more common things listed.

Yup I love the way you listed it out.

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