Friday, April 10, 2015

Study group discussion: Clinical tips for pediatric rotations

So I'm just going to start with my paediatrics posting and I really really wanna be a paediatrician. Could anyone share any tips on how to be a good paediatrician?

Spend time in clinic/wards..
take histories. Try to make differential diagnosis yourself and discuss it with your teachers..

Yaah..and examine as many kids as you can.

Take a lot of toys / chocolates with you to keep the child busy when you examine.
I used to gift my patients toys and they'd smile so huge! One kid, even though seemed uneducated, told me a thank you! :D

The parents seem really tense, it's a sick child after all. You wanna be very gentle with them and talk cuddly. If you treat the kid more as a patient and less like a child, they are more likely to get pissed.

Good tips, IkaN!

Oh and when you present the case to the attending and the patient's parents are around, don't start with, "Patient, Jane Doe, 2m old female.."
Say, "Child, Jane Doe.."
No one would like their child to be addressed as a patient.

IkaN *thumbs up*
My peds HOD won't let us examine children, if we don't bring candies for them :)

My peads attending said to my friend after a viva, "What did you bring for the kid?"
My friend had not got anything so the ma'am said jokingly, "Nothing for the kid? Okay then, no marks for you!" :P

Awesome tips for peds, IkaN!
They'll be super helpful even during volunteering.

Omg. So you can give them chocolates?

I guess you can give chocolates.. Unless they are lactose intolerant / allergic.
Toys are better, I guess. They keep kids busy for hours!
Give them under parental supervision just to be safe xD

How do you get kids to let you auscultate them? They cry and then you can't hear anything

That's a two people job then, one of you has to distract the baby while the other one auscultates!

And try warming the diaphragm of your stetho a little, the kid probably also cries because it's cold.

Worst case, ask the mother to feed/play with the child.

Distract it, that normally does the trick. Carry a small torch and distract it with the light, it's a trick that usually works.


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