Sunday, April 5, 2015

Study group discussion: Hutchinson's in medicine

Hutchinson's triad:
Seen in congenital syphilis. Includes -
1) Interstitial keratitis
2) Hutchinson's teeth (which are notched incisors)
3) Vestibular deafness

Hutchinson's Sign: Seen in Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus.. Which says if the nose is involved, then the eyes have to be involved too.. Since they both are supplied by the Nasocilliary nerve.

Hutchinson's Pupil:
Seen in concussion injuries to brain (usually associated with the subdural hemorrhage).
The ipsilateral pupil is initially miotic... Then it becomes myriadtic due to raised IOP... Then as the IOP further  increases, the contralateral pupil also dilates... So we have bilateral dilated pupils not reacting to light. This is an indication for immediate cerebral decompression.

Hutchinson's mask:
A sensation often associated with tabes dorsalis in which the face feels as if it is covered with a mask or cobwebs.

Hutchinson's facies:
The peculiar facial expression produced by the
drooping eyelids and motionless eyes in external

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