Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Study group discussion: Infantile hernia

Can anyone mention something about infantile hernia?

The pathology or the physiological hernia that is normal?


Alright, there are a couple of hernias related to infants that I know about.

One of them is the physiological hernia, which is a thing that happens to all babies during fetal period. So it's normal.
The intestines herniate out of the body of the fetus and rotate 90 degrees at week 6 of development. Then at week 10 they rotate a further 180 degrees and come back into the body. This is the phenomenon that forms the spiral-like location of intestines.

Now there are two pathologies.

One is the Ompholocele, where the intestines fail to come back at week 10.

The other is Gastroschisis where the physiological hernia happens normally but the abdominal wall fails to close so the gastrointestinal system protrudes directly into the amniotic cavity.

Thanks for explaining! Here's a study link!

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