Monday, April 6, 2015

Study group discussion: Physics in Medicine

*I was announcing the pre med group when this discussion took place*

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Yup. Cause those physics laws always get applied in case of resistance in vessels and especially in lung volume and pressure curves.

They do! I remember studying vectors for understanding ECG in first year!

Speaking of physics, can anyone name the mechanics behind the law applicable in Aortic aneurysms that lead to rupture?


Physics never leaves us!

Okay, I dint know this! :(

It says as the diameter increases, tension on the vessel wall increases. The aneurysm keeps expanding, leading to rupture of the aneurysm.

Laplace law.


Laplace's law states that tension on the wall of a container is directly proportional to the pressure inside it and also to the radius of the container. It's inversely proportional to wall thickness. Which explains the more bigger the aneurysm, the more susceptibility to rupture.

It's the same concept in Surfactant!


If the surface tension is not kept low when the alveoli become smaller during expiration, they collapse in accordance with the law of Laplace. In spherical structures like the alveoli, the distending pressure equals two times the tension divided by the radius (P = 2T/r); if T is not reduced as r is reduced, the tension overcomes the distending pressure.

What is Pouiselle's law?

Pouiselle's law states about the relationship between velocity of fluids, viscosity and the pressure in a capillary.

So physics is really important in Medicine!!! I haven't seen anything of physics yet!

It's just a matter of time! :D

I am waiting anxiously!

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