Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The mystery drug

This post is on the Pharmacology emoticon game I posted ages ago. Here's the link to the game so you know what I'm talking about =D

Many people didn't get the 5th one.
And I agree that the emoticon isn't really appropriate!
So I feel fair to give a hint :)

Hint: The shadow represents the clone of the person.

Originally, the answer is supposed to be clonidine (Because I created it, duh! :P )

I never thought there'd be so many alternative possibilities while making that emoticon puzzle!

Here are alternative answers that made real sense:
Famotidine (Family + dinner)
Amantadine (A man + dining)
Betadine (Dinner for two!)

And oh my god once someone thought of and tried searching for Silvermanodine and came up with "Somantadine" xD

It's always exciting to hear about things like this. LOVE how emoticons, left to our imagination, can be interpreted in so many ways.

Lemme know what you thought the fifth drug was!

That's all!

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