Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Criteria for LVH in ECG

Hey everyone!

Someone requested me to do a criteria for LVH in ECG. Here are a few!

Cornell criteria: Add the R wave in aVL and the S wave in V3. If the sum is > 28 mm in males or > 20 mm in females, then LVH is present.

Mnemonic: 20 carnivals tree
caRniVALS (Corn evil? Cornell?) tree
R in aVL (caRniVaL).
S in V three (tree).
3 looks like a Mirrored 8.
So 28 in Males, 20 in females.

Modified Cornell Criteria: Examine the R wave in aVL. If the R wave is > 12 mm in amplitude, then LVH is present.

Modified caRniVaL minimises the number to 12.

Sokolow-Lyon Criteria: Add the S wave in V1 plus the R wave in V5 or V6. If the sum is > 35 mm, then LVH is present.

Mnemonic: "Solo Lion Roars and thrills five people."
Solo lion sounds like Sokolow Lyon.
S wave in V1 (Because Solo is one!)
R wave in V5 or V6 (Because the word, ROARS has 5 letters)
Thrills five should remind you of thirty five!

That's all!
Travel, till it kills you.


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