Sunday, August 30, 2015

Growth hormone deficiency mnemonic

Today I'll be sharing a mnemonic on Growth hormone deficiency!

Glucose / Genitals
Regular birth weight and size
Woice (Voice)
Teeth delayed
Hypoglycemia / hyperbilirubinemia
Skeletal age

So, to elaborate:
Hypoglycemic episodes are common in growth hormone deficiency. Child may also present with hypoglycemic convulsions.

Genitals are small. (Sexual infantilism)
Micropenis, hypoplastic scrotum and delayed puberty are other clinical features.

Regular birth weight:
Child is usually of normal size and weight at birth.

Truncal obesity, increased subcutaneous fat and waistline are other features.

High pitched voice may also be a clinical feature.

Teeth delayed:
Delayed tooth eruption is seen in growth hormone deficiency.

Neonates have prolonged jaundice after birth. Both unconjugated and conjugated bilirubin is increased.

Skeletal age:
There's a delay in skeletal age. Skeletal age is less than the age of the child.

That's all!

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