Tuesday, September 1, 2015

How to speed read

I have modified a lot of general principles of speed reading for us, medical students, because we need to understand what we read.

Skim through the paragraph quickly. Don’t reread what you missed. You’ll get it after you go ahead.

Skip most common words like “And”, “Of” and “The”.

Stress on words that are big, unique and new - “Glioblastoma”, “Necrosis” and “Butterfly.”

Don’t read it aloud. Don’t move your lips while reading. You are allowed to subvocalize.

Don’t try to read two sentences at once. Don’t have target words per minute.

The draw back of speed reading is decrease in comprehension. If you can’t understand a lot of what you read, you’ll have to reread it again slowly.

When can you use speed reading?
- When you are reading it for the first time and you want to get a general idea and not get stuck on picky details.
- When you are reading it before exams and have other things to revise as well (Time constraints call for speed reading.)
- When you are reading a medical article online or something on my blog xD

Hope it helps!

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