Thursday, September 17, 2015

Study group discussion: Drunken crab syndrome

Which parasite causes the drunken crab syndrome?

Paragonimus westermani.

Drunken crabs, because man gets infected with it by eating raw crabs. In Taiwan, these crabs are marinated in wine. Hence, the name!

Also called kejang.

Wow I didn't know this.

Nice to know, I was formulating all sort of weird possibilities for symptoms based on that.

I thought of a motion abnormality.. Since crabs can walk sidewise.

When I first came across this... Even I thought that the person would have a drunken gait or something!

Wonder how a crab would walk in cerebellar ataxia.. Considering they have a cerebellum.. Or not!

Lets talk about crabs!

Crabs is also slang for STD.
It's not slang, my bad. It's lice in pubic hair. Also known as crab lice.

CRAB is used for Multiple Myloma symptoms too.
C = Calcium (elevated),
R = Renal failure,
A = Anemia,
B = Bone lesions

And then there's Krabbe's disease, some sort of leucodystrophy.

Lame mnemonic for drunken crab.. Our teacher said -- Mr. Krabs gets drunk in Taiwan .. Because he found out.. His daughter "P"earl  (paragonimus) is a man (westermanii)

Nice mnemonic!


  1. Treatment for Paragonimus westermani is Praziquantel. Patients present with recurrent hemoptysis (chocolate colored sputum) because the fluke migrates to the lung. Diagnosed by eggs in sputum.

  2. There was a nejm article about it2weeks ago...


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