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Submissions: Bio medical ethics

Bio Medical Ethics - by Jay ™

Today’s blog post is about Bio Medical ethics or Ethics of Medical care that a health care practitioner has to adhere to.

Medical ethics started off as Hippocratic Oath made in 460~ BC in the Book called Corpuz Hippocratum.

“Do No Harm” is the Primary Ethical concern of Medical Ethics. 

Currently the American Medical Association has put forth a new set of standards to be followed by the Physicians under AMA jurisdiction.

The Most Important and Primary Characteristics of a Physician

1.Good Will – Sincere interest to help others

2.Ability to be present for others – Being emotionally empathetic with patients in their pain and joy.

3.Recognition and acceptance of personal power. – Understand the potential in them to treat a patient but STILL NEVER get vanity to hit them. There is no superiority between the doctor and the patient. Physician should help the patient acquire and get attached to his natural autonomy.

4.Strive to continue learning – The successful and good physician learns from others no matter who the other person is. Consider different thought systems and never looks down upon a certain ideology without proper scientific background

5.Willing to take risks and to be vulnerable – Trust the intuition of own self and take a risk for the best interest of the patient. Feels closer to the patient emotionally, and tries to relate with him.

6.Self respect and Self appreciation – Doctor should happy about themselves and has to stand strong on their own.

7.Serve as a model – Has to present himself as the person who follow the advice being given by himself. Becomes open, honest, takes risk, and self exams themselves and act exemplary life.

8.Accept they make mistakes – Accept willingly the mistakes they make and make sure not to repeat it. 

9.No procrastination – Successful physician doesn’t procrastinate the work related issues.

10.Continuing Medical Education (CME) – Keeps learning new things and keeps on getting updated.

·Anxiety may hit you for the first few times. Learn different methods of fighting anxiety and culture a self strength and confidence.
·Don’t expect immediate results as a physician. It takes time. And let yourself grow into maturity you needed to understand healing is a gradual process
·Dealing with patients could be hard. Silent patients give no idea about your procedure or their feelings. Learn to break the silence in a friendly manner. And try to read the gestures of the patient to identify him.
·With overly demanding patients , don’t let your patience finish and harm the patient. But learn to not to get estranged into their demands. Don’t let doubt or your healer status to attend to this patient completely.
·Learn your limits. – Learn the limit of interaction with others. Don’t let yourself too much emotionally bound so hard. Treat everyone equally
·No perfectionism Is compulsory. – Although perfectionism isn’t too bad, too much indulging into it brings pain. Realize every one can make mistakes.
Next time we will talk about Basic Principals of MedEth.

That's all!
This post was written by Jay. Keep writing bro! =)

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