Friday, September 25, 2015

Tarsal Bones Mnemonic

Hey guys, Jay here once again. Today I was studying my anatomy, and our lower limb region is going on. Since our regional exam is next week, I wanted to study the foot and especially the tarsal bones. Me, the one who is so fond of mneumonics, tried finding some mnemonic to remember the tarsal bones. I found one on internet I made one myself. So let me first list the tarsal bones.
1. Calcaneous
2. Talus
3. Navicular
4. Medial cuneiform
5. Intermediate cuneiform
6. Lateral cuneiform
7. Cuboid

The one on Internet:

The Circus Needs More Interesting Little Clowns

But in this Calcaneous and Talus have exchanged places. So when I saw this, I edited it a bit. :) So it kinda goes with the first syllable as well. ^_^

CaT Navy Meets Interesting Little Cubs

CaT has Calcaneous and Talus both.
Hope it helped Awesomites. :) Until we meet again then, Ciao!! Au revoir!!! :D


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  1. Mnemonic for Tarsal Bone ...
    A news channel Name - CTN MILK(c)

    C. Calcaneous
    T. Talus
    N. Navicular
    M. Medial cuneiform
    I. Intermediate cuneiform
    L. Lateral cuneiform
    K(c). Cuboid

    Dr.Farrukh Iqbal Khwaja


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