Sunday, September 13, 2015

Thyroid carcinoma mnemonic

I made a real easy way of remembering thyroid tumors :)

Papillary carcinoma mnemonic:
Popular (Most common thyroid cancer)
Palpable lymph nodes (Lymphatic metastasis is common)
Positive I (131) uptake
Post radiation in head and neck (One of the causes)
Pops out of the capsule (Usually encapsulated but invades capsule)
Pops everywhere in the gland (Multifocal)
Positive, pleasing, perfect, parexcellence, peerless prognosis
(Excellent prognosis because it's slow growing)
[Another mnemonic is PG - Papillary, Good prognosis =D ]
Popping eyes (Clear nuclei, Orphan Annie Eyes)
Papillary pattern
Psammoma bodies
Pseudoinclusions (Intranuclear cytoplasmatic inclusions)

Follicular carcinoma mnemonic:
Faraway metastasis (Blood borne metastasis)
You can also remember F for Fluid, F for Follicular. Since blood is a fluid!
FNAC Futile (Can not distinguish between Adenoma and Carcinoma)
Forever Alone, Friendless (Solitary nodule) [LOL]
Forever Goitre (Long standing Goitre leads to Follicular carcinoma) [I think I'm very funny]
Filled inside capsule (Encapsulated) ?

Medullary carcinoma mnemonic:
MEN: MEN association (2A, 2B)
A: Amyloid
N: Node (Early spread to lymphatics is common)
C: Calcitonin
C cells (Parafollicular C cells)
Crest origin (Neural crest cells)
E: Embryonic antigen (CEA raised)
D: Diarrhea (Due to 5-hydroxytryptamine and prostaglandins)

Types of Follicular carcinoma:
Hurtle cell

Types of papillary carcinoma:
"TC PDF" (Take Care, Portable Document Format? :| )
Tall cell
Columnar cell
Pure papillary
Diffuse sclerosing variant
Follicular variant

That's all for today!

Might add a few more, since I'm studying thyroid this week.
See you next time.


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