Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Following Medicowesome

"I really want to read all your posts from time to time. How can I follow you?"

I feel that email is the best option.
You can follow by any RSS feed here.

As for social media, I regularly update Facebook and Twitter.

For those of you who use Whatsapp, the Broadcast list is a wonderful idea.
I add contacts to my broadcast list and send links to blog posts (new and old) on a daily basis.
Broadcast list:

By Tumblr updates depend on my access to the computer since the app consumes too much of my time. But I do update it from time to time.

My YouTube is updated only if I have a video idea and if I have time to implement it, which is so rare. Videos take a lot of work and I am just too lazy. I do make a post about every video I make, so don't worry about missing them out if you don't check YouTube that often!
YouTube channel:

I honestly don't know why I created an Instagram and Pintrest xD
To show off my art work, maybe? I donno. But if you're on these, do follow me for random image updates :P

That's all!

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