Thursday, October 29, 2015

Validity and reliability mnemonic

Hey everyone!

Someone requested me to make a mnemonic on reliability and validity. Let me tell you in short what these terms mean!

What is validity and reliability?

Let's take the example of measuring blood glucose levels.
Suppose, we have developed a test to measure glucose levels and we measure it in healthy man. Normal standard we have set is, let's say, 80.

Reliability means test will give the same value each time. Let's say, we measured three times it gave reading of 120, 120, 120 that is reliable. Reliability is consistency. Also called precision.

But validity means the test will give a value which is close to our standard value, that is, 80 in this case. The three readings we get this time are 82, 85, 79. So this test is reliable, but not valid. Validity is also called accuracy. Validity is not affected by sample size.

This interplay of words messes up with one of my readers brain, so I'm sharing the mnemonic I made on it. I thought it was silly at first, to use a mnemonic to remember words, but I'm glad you all are as weird as me.

VACuum = Validity + ACcuracy

PReCiSe = Precision + Reliability + Consistency + Sample size dependent

That's all!

Life is so good. I've never been so happy and calm. I'll tell you why soon, but for now, I just wanted you guys to know (:


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