Saturday, October 10, 2015

Scaphoid fracture mnemonic

This was sent to me by a friend, Akshay Dhaiya! I modified it a little bit :D

He likes to call the scaphoid fracture as the Spiderman fracture. Why?

Because it's caused by supination and dorsiflexion of wrist.
(Just like how spidey throws his web!)

Spiderman - Supinating and dorsiflexing the wrist xD
It's difficult to spot Spiderman normally.
Not visible on normal AP view radiograph. We need to do an oblique view x ray.

Spidey uses his waist more than Batman or Superman :P
So obviously, the most common site of fracture is waist.

He's not strong, give him a glass of water and make it a cast.
The cast for scaphoid fracture is in glass holding position!

Instead of using his muscle power, Spiderman uses web cartridges.
The whole scaphoid is covered with cartilage, no muscle attachment. It articulates with all other 7 carpal bones.

Spidey cartilage cartridge :P
It is has only one blood supply from it's nutrient artery, which enters from its distal pole, not from the proximal. So the MC complication of scapoid fracture is AVN of proximal pole and non union.

That's all!

Thanks a lot, Akshay!


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