Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Why is gout more common in men?

Hey everyone!

I was trying to find out is hyperuricemia in Von Gierkes disease gender specific.. I didn't get the answer to my question (If you do, please let me know!), but I did found out that hyperuricemia, in general, is more common in men.

Estrogen in women helps the kidneys get rid of more uric acid, because it induces the expression of transporters called URAT1, OAT1 and OAT3.

Men have more muscle mass, more lactic acid production. Lactic acid competes with uric acid for excretion in the kidney.

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  1. the mechanism is increased lactic acid production in men as you said..and this is the reason for hyperuricemia in alcoholics too (lactic acidosis).....Some researchers believe that testosterone has a stumulating efffect on Xanthine oxidase and that ovarian suppression of XO is evident in females.The reason to believe so is that no gender specificity was found in hyperuricemia in pre- pubertal age.. But this is just a hypothesis,, Hence the reason behind gender specificity(if present ,I have no idea !) of hyperuricemia in von-gierkes disease may be the same..

  2. That lactic acid competes with uric acid for excretion in kidneys was the primary reason my professors told me for hyperuricemia in von-gierkes disease along with glucose being shunted into minor metabolic pathways resulting in excess purine production and eventual catabolism leading to hyperuricemia. That point about the role of testosterone and estrogen playing a role was new to me though. Gout itself is manifested in males and postmenopausal females for the same reason. And i found out that hyperuricemia has no genderspecificity in very young children. So putting it all together i think that hyperuricemia in vongierkes disease will be more in males than females, but when you compare to the general population there will be a higher incidence in females with vongierkes disease.


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