Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Hello guys, I'm Jay, the newest author here ( edit : back in 2015...lol, by 2019, I'm the 4th oldest author here.) in the Medicowesome, and I'm really really...like REALLY....excited to be here! :D

Just like you, I found Medicowesome while surfing on the web for some mnemonic and I, in a snap, emailed IkaN(whom I felt like my long-lost-twin because we both share so many common interests!!! ^_^ ) asking to add me to the Study group. Well....if you aren't in the Whatsapp Study Group, I strongly recommend you to get added to there, because it's HELL FUN!!! :D

Well, telling a bit about myself, I'm a Boy, a Medical  graduate, Sri Lankan, Studied and graduated my MD in the Philippines which is equal to MBBS in India, and also a graduate of Bachelor of Science, Major in Biology with Academic Honors as my Pre-Med.

Some of my interests except Medicine include, Music (I sing and play the Piano), Languages, Astronomy, Philosophy, History, Law, Spirituality, Architecture, Poetry and Literature (I used to read a lot, before entering College and Med School, now lack of time kills me! :/ ) as well as like reading about different non medical areas of Science, like Physics, Chemistry, Geology.

I really love colorful stationary, and making hell lot of short notes. :P

I love Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies (Yeah...Potterheads!!! \,,,/ ), and damn crazy about HouseMD. :P

Have a great enthusiasm in reading about different other Alternative medical styles such as Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine(I'm really fascinated about those acupuncture needles), Naturopathy, Homeopathy etc.

Though I'm not really sure about the specialty I'll take up, I really like to deviate from the normal clinician life-style and be more academic, because I love teaching. :P

So guys, this is about me currently, hope you will enjoy my articles, and yeah please if I make any mistakes please please please let me know commenting down below, and I'll correct it asap. :D

So we are cool now? Yo!! Take care all of you and Happy Studying! :)

-With love


Edit : In 2019 after my graduation I decided to show my real name to the Medicowesome Community, which you can see in my name tag, after so many people messaged me in Whatsapp asking for my real name and details, and I don't find a reason not to hide it anymore. :P 

Thanks for all the love y'all showed me! :)

I'll continue to write more articles for you as time permits. 


  1. Hey Jay, good to know about the work u guys are aiming at. I've done my MBBS from China so I guess that makes me us members of the foreign Medical graduates fraternity. Good intro bro. Keep up the good work and best of luck with it.

    1. Yeah true Mikhil. :) Nice to know you too. Thanks alot for the good wishes! Wishing you all the best for your studies and practice too :)


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